Neustift am Walde

Neustift am Walde is a famous wine village located in the north-west of Vienna. It’s a very pretty village with a row of houses on each side of a small street.    

Historically the village was mentioned for the first time in 1330. The name “Neustift am Walde” was given in 1413 when the property became part of Vienna’s monastery “Dorotheerstift”. Since then the village was called Neustift am Walde which means “new monastery on the skirts of the wood“. In 1892 Neustift became part of Vienna. Today it is part of Vienna’s 19th district Döbling. The village’s landmark is the church. The main attraction in Neustift am Walde is a famous festivity called “Neustifter Kirtag”, a custom celebrated every year in August since the middle of the 18th century.

Wood and wine played an important role already in the 19th century. In 1826 one third of the area was covered with forest, just under ten percent was farmland, a quarter of the area were vineyards and meadows. Today Neustift am Walde is known for its excellent wine and Viennese Heurigen culture.

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Wappen Döbling
Neustifter Pfarrkirche
The emblem of Döbling
Neustift parish church

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